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An event that's over 1,000km needs some rules, if you brake them then you are out, DNF, no open bus parade for you.

But those who do follow the rules get all the spoils, name on the finishers board, the lot!

The rules of this event are not tough, but needed. So listen up before you enter.



Fairly simple and easy to understand rule, before, during and after the event... pick up your own sh*t and even anyone else's if you can. Just leave no trace. Please.



As the event uses roads open to traffic you must observe and comply with local laws and the highway code, including any covid restrictions and measures such as social distancing and masks where asked. While on the road a helmet and front & rear lights are mandatory. Riding motorways is illegal, luckily we don't have many in Wales so you should be fine. That said, we do have busy main roads, so the A48 road in the south and the A55 in the north are prohibited to use during this ride.

Please be visible while riding, especially at night, wear bright clothing if you can and reflective clothing into the evening and throughout any night time miles.



Your legs and lungs power your bike. No e-bikes, no drafting and no sneaky lifts on a bus. Live tracking at the event will be online and submission of GPX and Strava data will be needed on completion of the entire ride.

If you need medical assistance by all means get some but return to where you left and carry on from there.



This is a self supported ride, you must carry what you need from start to finish, no support cars or a secret stash of goodies en route. Support crews are not allowed on the route, please purchase your re-supplies as and when you can on the journey.

So is this a bike packing event? Ummm not really per say, more like a scrappy road ride with no route or set mileage.

Pre booking accommodations isn't recommended as you won't really know where you're going to be every night, but pre booking isn't against the rules. Why waste your money on a comfy bed when you could just whip out your sleeping bag for a few hours instead.



This ride is a free route event, riders must ride from start to finish taking date / time and location stamped photos at each waypoint  (we would advise using an app to date and geo stamp photos)

This requires you to plot your own route, we recommend using our checkpoint sponsors Komoot to do this on your phone or on your bike GPS unit (we use Wahoo). Please make sure you follow local rules and obey all cycling restricted path rules, if you have to dismount then do it.

The 5 checkpoint locations and coordinates will be released to riders a number of weeks before the event, the 25 waypoint locations will be released in the days before the race. Just to make it that more interesting.

Every waypoint and checkpoint must be visited and photo evidence is required to validate your completion of the event. An automatic scratch and DNF will be given to racers that don't capture every checkpoint and waypoint photo, zero excuses.

This is a free route ride so you decide how to get to each checkpoint via the waypoints.

Checkpoints are roughly spaced out along the 1,000km (or more), at every one you will need take a timestamped and geo located photo

Obviously you don't have to stop for long at checkpoints, take a photo, grab a coffee and off you go if you're fighting for that podium. Send it!!!

We use the app DateStamper, try it out to date and location stamp your images.

(quickly scrambles around for map and compass)



Riders will be tracked live on this website via spot trackers and Follow My Challenge UK, the GPS trackers are rented and so must be returned after the event, promptly please. You are fully responsible for the tracker during the event and will be charged if lost or damaged. (deposits will be collected pre race)

Trackers use your GPS so needs clear sight to the sky, on your shoulder strap of a bag or on your front or rear bike bag. Turning the tracker off for more than 10 hours will result in a DNF unless communicated with race HQ before hand.



We have it for the event but you need it too. Get it. We aren't with you through the route so make sure you are insured for liability, death, accidents and your general health. We are not liable for damage to you or even worse to your bike or any other equipment before, during or after the event. 

Also have some bike insurance in place and carry a lock, you may have to sleep rough or enter a few shops along the way. Lock it, save it.



Be a winner, not just by coming over the finish line in first but be a winner off the bike too, be kind to other riders and members of staff at the start, the finish and checkpoints. Buy the next rider a coffee or a beer. Cheers. Be kind online too.

Also be nice to other users of the route you use, pedestrians may be on your path so give them the respect they deserve and know the rules of the road. Yes this is a race but it won't be won or lost by running a red light. Just don't f**king do it, please.



Entry fee is non refundable, if you can't make it there are no refunds. Your entry can be deferred to the following year but can not be transferred to another person. Cut off to defer your entry to 2026 edition is December 1st 2023, after that we can not guarantee the place as 2024 event costs will have been paid out.

There are no free invites, every entrant pays to enter.



This is completely up to you if you ride alone or ride in pairs, we want you to have as much fun on the ride as you can. 

If that means riding with your best mate, go for it.

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