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If the info on the website so far isn't clear then you've found yourself here on the FAQ page, desperate to find the answers that keep you up at night.

Ok maybe not that but here are questions we asked ourselves and have already been asked about this epic ride, Roughly The Size of Wales. Croseo.

  • How do I enter and how much is it?
    Entry is p*ss easy, click enter in the menu, add your contact info, add a payment method and submit... you're in. No lottery or waiting for someone to grant you access to the event, you enter and you're in. Tempted? Enter now -
  • Ok i'm tempted, what bike should I ride?
    Simple answer, up to you mate. But the long answer... This is a free route event, you choose the best way to get from each checkpoint and waypoint. Across the 25 waypoints and 5 checkpoints that skirt close to the coast of Wales; there is roughly 1000km of riding and 10,000m of elevation. By quickly plotting a route on Komoot (download it if you havent already) you could complete this event using up to 880km of on road cycling and the other 120km on cycle paths (with a splash of dirt, gravel and sand in there) If you wanted to go more off road you could complete the event using as little 500km of actual road, the rest is a mixed bag. So yeah, up to you. If you can carry your own sh*t on a road bike for a few days of riding then go for it. If you're more comfortable on a gravel bike fully loaded with everything and the kitchen sink then go for it.
  • Free route you say, why isn't there a set route?
    Nearly every race you see is a set route race, with the exception of the Transibercia (which looks awsome) and there may be others too... most have a set route and that's cool. Inspired by alleycat races in the city centre we wanted to take this format out of the city, we give you the start and finish points and the checkpoints inbetween so you know roughly where you're going to be heading. But the 25 waypoints will only be available just before the race. Could make it more fun, maybe even out the playing field maybe? But mainly it allows you to get on your bike and find your own path. It will be interesting to see everyones different routes along the way.
  • Is this a bikepacking event?
    Uh yes and no! Bikepacking doesn't really have a clear definition other than it's usually over a number of days and you carry what you need. In that sense it is a bikepacking event. On the other hand this isn't a set route event so you choose your own path, that could be all 1000km of road on a TT bike and carrying very little and you get to the finish line fast as f*ck, but run the risk of not carrying enough to last the few days. That isn't what bikepacking is about in most events so in that sense no it isn't a bikepacking event. Clear as mud that.
  • What are the checkpoints?
    Each checkpoint is at or near a bike shop, the reason being is if you need running repairs they are there and available for you to book in what you need, also you may need to purchase some kit or another spare. Please be mindful that checkpoints are businesses so have certain business hours and also may be very busy with other bookings if you did need a service or repair, please be patient at any checkpoint bike shop or at any other bike shop along the way. We know you might be in a hurry but be nice and patient with staff and other riders, being competitive doesn't mean you have to be rude.
  • Does my time stop at checkpoints?
    Nope, this is a one stage and non stop ride. The clock starts when you leave Chepstow, and your time ends when you reach the finish line in North Wales. All stops for rest, calls of nature, checkpoints, waypoints, pub stops and food stops all add up to your total time. Remember we want your photos and GPX / Strava data to ratify your finishing time.
  • How long will this even take?
    Ok so you have to book some time off work, we understand, and you probably have to run this by your loved ones too because they love you and don't want to be away from you for too long (though absence does make the heart grow fonder ;) ) At the very best you could smash this in 3 days, if you're an absolute beast and you take no rest!!! Please take a break when you have to. If you can ride at an average speed of 20km/h for 14 hours a day riding over 4000m of elevation then it should take you 3.5 days (if you ride through the night then slightly less) If however you're not a beast or want to ride more than 12 hours a day you could finish this event in 5 days riding 10 hours a day at 20km/h and just over 2,500m of elevation per day. That float your boat?
  • Bag storage and transport?
    There will NOT be any bag storage or bag transport available for riders, please make sure you have made plans to have someone pick up your extra bags if you have any from the start line. If you are coming to the start line on your own please make sure you have only what you are carrying on you for the race, personal belongings can not be given to race HQ as we can't be liable for any loss or damage of your items between start and finish.
  • What if I get lost?
    This can happen and dare I say it, will happen to you. But that's why we have a phone, komoot and trusty head unit to get us out of these situations. If they don't work or maybe you just don't have signal then ask someone, find a local town, maybe go back on yourself to where you saw a pub and ask a local. Give race HQ a call if things get really bad though.
  • Is this a solo or team event?
    You're on your own on this one. (Unless you want to ride in a pair that is, so I'll use the word loosely as "solo") This is meant to be a "solo" ride, but you may see fellow riders along the way and even ride with them on a section or two but this is a "solo" ride, a solo adventure. Just you and the bike, and snacks, coffee.... and a few beers probably.
  • Will I need to learn Welsh?
    No you won't, not much anyway. We love our Welsh launguage here in Wales but we do speak English too so you'll be fine if you can't speak Welsh (yet) but maybe have some nice phrases ready if they are needed. Diolch - Thank you Os gwelwch yn dda - please Croeso - You're welcome / Welcome Rwy'n ar goll - I'm lost Alla i ddefnyddio'r toiled os gwelwch yn dda - Can I use the toilet please That should see you through for now.
  • What if I need repairs to my bike?
    Each checkpoint is as close to a bike shop as possible, so if you can make it to the checkpoint within business hours you're in luck. If you're nowhere near, then you'll either need to repair it yourself with what you have or nab a lift to somewhere that can fix your bike. If you leave the route via public transport or taxi, please inform race HQ fast and then return to where you left the route to be on your merry way once the bike is fixed.
  • How do I get to the start line and leave the finish line?
    There is a train station in Chepstow, arrive the night before the start of the ride, make sure you book your ticket with the addition of a bike. Obviously if you can nab a lift a lift with someone if you prefer. When you finish up in North Wales in Connah's Quay there is also a train station perfectly placed at Shotton station to allow you safe passage home, please remember to add your bike to the ticket this end too.


Have any other questions? Drop us an email and we will get back you when we're back from a ride -

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